Philosophy of Worship

We use the terms Independent, Fundamental, and Baptist as more than mere titles.  We are distinctly Baptist in doctrine as we promote the fundamental truths of the Bible.  Our church is independent of any convention or association as we hold to the Biblical teaching of local church autonomy.  Our leadership comes from Christ and is delegated to the undershepherd of His flock.  

Our church believes that every activity and event should glorify God through method and outcome.  We do not believe that the ends justify the means when attempting to reach others for Christ or to edify the brethren.  Our primary goal in every area of ministry and practice is to honor the teachings of the Bible and the leadership of the Holy Spirit.  Scripturally contradictory behavior for the sake of spiritual goals is Satanically inspired methodology and should never be employed by the local church.

Every one of our worship services places an emphasis on the preaching of God's Word and does not rely upon worldly entertainment in order to please the masses.  Our music is traditionally conservative with an emphasis on leading the individual heart toward worship.  We believe that people within our church who serve openly in areas such as choir or Sunday School should live an exemplary life before God and dress in a conservative way within the services in order to present Christ in a more Biblical manner.  

Our church uses the King James Version of the Bible in every area of study and teaching.  Our pastor uses the KJV in personal study and does not believe in the duplicity of using one version at his desk and another from the pulpit.  We believe that the KJV is God's preserved Word in the English language. 

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